Wagenschlag x Vanessa Küstner


Room Divider

MDF, alu, steel


Movable parts





A Dance of Shadows and Secrets

In the delicate dance between playful figures and stark black-and-white contrasts, Vanessa Küstner's 'Taboo' emerges as a captivating room divider. Comprising five movable panels, harmonizing two colors over 5.27 square meters, the piece intricately explores the interplay of societal and personal taboos. The intentional veil prompts contemplation on voyeurism, light, shadow, and the power to decide what remains concealed.

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Wagenschlag x

Vanessa Küstner

Since early childhood, artist Vanessa Küstner was surrounded by creative and artistic people. Some of her family members stood out as exceptionally talented painters through early generations.
By experimenting with different materials and techniques, Küstner has already created her particular style in a very short time. The artist describes her large-scale works as a mix of different techniques, starting from Expressionism, Symbolism but also Futurism and Surrealism.
Vanessa Küstner has lived in various cities such as Munich, Beijing, and Antwerp. It seems as though the time she spent in Asia has influenced her work the most.

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Not your ordinary Object

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Not your ordinary Object

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