Only Dead Fish Go With the Flow

Wagenschlag x Julia Hanzl



Carbon, Acacia, Bronze


Fish Sculpture


Handmade Waves


Meters of Wood Sanding

Bending Water

'Only Dead Fish Go with the Flow' is a sculptural secretary that defies the ordinary. Crafted from acacia wood and carbon, it stands on a distinctive three-legged frame made of black steel with a gracefully curved design. The table, envisioned by Wagenschlag in 2022, was meticulously crafted as a unique piece in Austria in 2023, marked with a gold-plated silver plaque. This functional art piece is adorned with a bronze sculpture by the renowned Austrian artist Julia Hanzl. The fish sculpture, part of an exclusive edition of 5 copies, glides gracefully on three hand-made shafts, signifying a dead fish among the ocean's waves. Crafted from partially painted cast bronze, it reminds us ot its sentiment — a metaphor captured in the title itself. 'Only Dead Fish Go with the Flow' urges us to swim against the current, to embrace uniqueness and forge our path. It's an uplifting reminder, an invitation to break free from conformity.

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Wagenschlag x

Julia Hanzl

The sculptor Julia Hanzl, born in Vienna in 1982, comes from a family of artists. She completed her studies at the University of Vienna and also studied several semesters at the University of Applied Arts in the ceramics department. She is known for her ceramics, mixed media sculptures, porcelain and bronze editions and her ceramic sculptures in connection with taxidermy. Julia Hanzl uses her sculptures like a second language, which enables her to address topics without words and also to make taboo areas accessible. Julia Hanzl lives and works in Vienna.

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Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary

Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary Object