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MDF, Valchromat, Leather

Acrylic, Sand


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The Calm in the Interior

A striking fusion of classic beauty and soft, delicate materials. A work of art that invites contemplation rather than use. Nevertheless, this piece by Wagenschlag and Tobias Kroeger offers unexpected spaciousness within its simple, stoic forms, paying homage to the tranquility of the mind. If you like having soft textures caressing your eyes you should come visit our gallery.

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Wagenschlag x

Tobias Kroeger

Tobias Kröger (born in 1977, in Bremen, Germany) is a self-taught artist whose work has been shown in galleries throughout Europe and in solo exhibitions in the United States. "I am obsessed with drawing. Drawings are the strongest part of my art. They are natural. They are imperfect. They are created without thought. They work or they don't work. They drive me. The goal of my recent work is to bring all of that energy to the big canvas." Tobias Kroeger began as a graffiti artist in 1990 but was soon influenced by the visual arts, particularly the works of neo-expressionism. Tobias Kroeger draws almost every day. His abstract drawings refer to nature, figurative elements, and graffiti.

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Art lovers and interior aesthetes will find unique artworks at Galerie WAGENSCHLAG. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, varying in artist, style, form, size, and function. The desire for utmost individuality can find fulfillment just as much as the thirst for something perfectly tailored to one's own personality. In addition to our regular opening hours, we are always happy to offer private viewing appointments at our gallery.

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Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary

Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary Object