Wagenschlag x Alessandro Giorgi



Plano lime, birch, steel

Colored pencil






Sleepless Night

The creation of a being

Elevation is the endeavor to transfer one of Alessandro's images into space by means of a statue. His characters have something sublime, and contemplative, with seemingly infinite attentiveness. We find the origin of the sculpture in the observation of the painting all around. From a cell to old age - unfortunately, we can not stop time, but in this case, we are grateful for it. The three panels on the front provide enough space for everyday items.

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Wagenschlag x

Alessandro Giorgi

Alessandro Giorgi (born 1989) is an Italian artist living in Munich. He grew up in a small fishing village on the southern coast of Sicily, in an environment where the study of art was never an option. Although his professional life initially took a different path, he was able to keep up with improving his artistic skills. Living in various European cities eventually led him to turn his passion into a profession. His works are records of unconscious thoughts and spontaneous compositions. Small drawings and larger compositions are crowded with hybrid figures and non-human life forms, stirring and retreating into watery grounds ready to capture a moment before the inevitable change transpires. Through his work, Alessandro Giorgi wants to connect seemingly separate elements, to show the relationships of mutual influence and dependence that organize our ecosystem and life. He wants the viewer to become disoriented, in search of an unfamiliar logic, a new order, to reflect on their own identity and its limits.

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Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary

Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary Object