Digital Extraction

Wagenschlag x Felix Pensel


Coffee Table

Granite, Acrylic Glass

Spray Paint







From Analog to Digital

Digital Extraction - a piece in collaboration with Nuremberg artist Felix Pensel, finds its origin in a metamorphosis of nature. We observe the transformation of natural materials in an increasingly digital world. What we found beautiful yesterday might become visually and emotionally obsolete tomorrow, due to the rapid changes of unstoppable transformation. Do we still appreciate our origin, and that of nature?

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Wagenschlag x

Felix Pensel

Nuremberg artist Felix Pensel, born in 1988, designs unique creations that interpret an extraordinary, contemporary lifestyle. With his boundless creativity, he experiments with oil, ink, computer, various printing techniques, and all forms of new media, and evolves constantly. He lives and works in Nuremberg.

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Art lovers and interior aesthetes will find unique artworks at Galerie WAGENSCHLAG. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, varying in artist, style, form, size, and function. The desire for utmost individuality can find fulfillment just as much as the thirst for something perfectly tailored to one's own personality. In addition to our regular opening hours, we are always happy to offer private viewing appointments at our gallery.

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Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary

Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary Object