Amid The Impact

Wagenschlag x Kai Semor



Birch, Apple, Concrete, Steel

mixed media




Place of Peace



Amid The Impact - A Highboard of a Special Kind

Abstract forms, neon red color and nuances from white to black: the highboard, hand-painted on all sides by the Cologne artist Kai Semor, was anchored in a concrete base and can be opened at the front via three panels. Kai Semor's painting allowed new forms to emerge in the most diverse visual axes all the way to the interior of the object. Amid the Impact seeks its form in the urban. Masonry, bridges, street canyons. Between them, advertisements, people, and cars. To what extent are we able to enjoy peace and quiet in these surroundings? Do we even still have this luxury at our disposal? We believe so. The materials chosen consciously reflect the city, the shapes reflect the tranquility we have lost. One glimpse and it becomes clear that the city and the inner balance need not be a contradiction.

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Wagenschlag x

Kai Semor

"Semor the mad one" born January 15, 1982, in Waldbröl lives and works in Cologne.

His roots are in classical stylewriting, but now he dedicates his work more and more to abstract painting. In his "FluorSeries'' he shows abstract forms combined with clean, playful surfaces.

For this, he uses fluorescent red with shades of gray, black, and white. Semor the mad one loves to work on a variety of different surfaces such as wood, metal or even photographs.

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Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary

Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary Object

Not your ordinary Object